Do you love music production but find working in your home studio a solitary experience?

Have you ever spent hours fiddling with a track or a loop wishing you had someone to bounce ideas off?

Would you like to finish a track in just one day?

BeatCamp helps producers just like you, work faster, achieve more and make new connections.

We run unique collaborative production camps providing a place to escape from your home studio and get creatively inspired by meeting and working with producers at all levels.

There are no disturbances from the outside world and you’ll get the satisfaction of walking away with a finished track and positive feedback. We’ll even help you publish your music.

When/Where is it ? 

Our next event is 28th-30th September 2018 and is a residential Beatcamp at Real World Studios

How does it work ?

Through our beat-dating process, producers are hand-matched in teams of two. Everyone works together in an open creative space providing a very different feel to the usual production environment.

Each pair will lay down an entire track over the course of the camp. The focus is on rapidly getting down great creative ideas and making swift progress.

Each camp culminates in in  group playback sessions, beers and a party.