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Create structure and theme for your EP

Finish music quickly and consistently

Improve your mixing and mastering

Overcome hurdles with arrangement

Create great cover artwork, even if you're not a designer

Learn skills that will help you:

Pitch your EP to labels or self-publish

About the Authors

We have both been producing electronic music for over ten years and founded BeatCamp to help producers collaborate and accelerate their progress in making music. 

Our workshops have been supported across the music industry by Focusrite, Novation, Island Records, Soundcloud, Loopmasters, LANDR, Kaotica and Sample Magic.

We have helped producers get tracks signed to labels, attract remix opportunities, DJ gigs and self publish their work.

Marc Langsman

Before launching BeatCamp, I worked for Universal Music, helping Virgin/EMI, Island Records, Decca and Polydor innovate and create new ways to release music. I’ve directed award-winning creative work at some of the world’s leading advertising agencies and worked an an audio engineer for Dolby, Jungle Studios and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. I’ve been producing electronic music and DJ’ing for over fifteen years and have releases on independent and major labels.

Andrew Consoli

My music has been released on Stonebridge’s StoneyBoy label and had support from Markus Schulz, Joachim Garraud and Dj Mag. I am also one of the world’s leading sample pack producers, topping the charts on Beatport Sounds, Loopmasters, Sample Magic and being featured on Future Music magazine. My radio show, Around the Club, is broadcasted by over 40 stations worldwide, iHeart Radio and through partnerships with AT&T and Google Play.

We're Marc & Andrew, Co-Founders of BeatCamp

If you start the course and get stuck or if have any other questions then drop us an email or catch us on skype and we'll be happy to have a chat.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know what you're thinking. What are we selling? Well, we run workshops for music producers , but they're on a different page. We're giving this away. Why? Because we want to teach you how to finish an EP.

So what's the catch? Well, as we said earlier, we run workshops. Lots of the course content comes from the workshops. If you find the course useful, you'll find our workshops even better.

Of course you don't have to come to a workshop. But we hope you find the course useful either way.

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