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Deadmau5 teaches masterclass, is dance music dead?

Why has the world’s most prolific producer started teaching?

How to Start a Record Label: Interview with JP Lantieri

Tired of not hearing back from record labels? Having trouble finding any that match your style of music? Digital distribution and the power of the interweb means that you can now miss out those pesky middle-men and be the boss by starting your own label. It’s a tricky business and there’s much more to it than smoking cuban cigars and […]

How to Write an Album: Interview with Blend Bold

Writing an album is an accomplishment that most of us aspire to in our careers.  As a body of work and an artistic steak-in-ground, they express far more than one track alone. We are living in an age of playlists and streaming services, but even with recent talk of the death of this format, it hasn’t stopped the continued release of amazing […]

How to arrange like Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive breakdown.

This is the first of a new series breaking down current tracks to help you understand how they’ve been put together.

What does Facebook Music Stories mean for producers?

Music Stories are a new type of Facebook post that let you share 30-second previews of your music from Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes

4 things Empire can teach you about better music production

In case you haven’t been following, Empire is Channel 4’s outlandish and somewhat hilarious series following the exploits of a major hip-hop record label based in New York. The plot revolves around ghetto-to-riches rap sensation Lucious who built Empire Records up from nothing, and various members of his family who are constantly vying to take […]

5 Tips for Getting Signed to Record Labels

We recently ran a survey to find out the biggest questions producers have about getting their music released. The most common question we were asked was how to get signed to labels. Drawing from our experience of getting our own music signed, helping others get releases and working in the music industry, here are our five top tips to get you on […]

How to Become a New School Remixing Hero

Find out how unofficial remixing is launching careers and how you can get a slice of the action….

Going pro: is your job getting in the way of your music career ? | Part 3

We step inside the sequencer to help you finish tracks in lightning speed on your lunch breaks or before work.

Going pro: is your job getting in the way of your music career ? | Part 2

In this instalment we’re going to show you how to achieve measurable progress around your day job…

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