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Going pro: is your job getting in the way of your music career ? | Part 1

Running BeatCamp gives us a unique insight into the challenges that producers from all over the world face trying to make a full-time living from music. The big one that almost every aspiring producer battles with is finding enough time to make music around their day job…

BeatCamp Remix Opportunity

Your chance to remix ‘Find a Way’ by Blend bold & JP Lantieri…

BeatCamp Producer Update

We’ve recently caught up with some of our BeatCamp Alumni to see how they’ve been working and what breakthroughs they’ve had…

Interview with Mixing/Mastering Engineer and Producer Mike Harrison

We find out about the dark sonic arts and running a music post-production business…

Try something new

On thing that every producer has in common is the desire to improve their game. In fact it’s this constant challenge that keeps us creative folks so engaged. You’ve watched tens, maybe hundreds of videos on the technicalities of music production. But what these don’t tell is that there something far easier which will teach you this all of […]

Attack Magazine

  We recently spoke to cutting-edge online music production blog Attack Magazine about exactly how BeatCamp works and the ideas and thinking behind it. Read the full article right here  

Exclusive Sample Magic goodies for BeatCamp

With just under two weeks to go until the first BeatCamp we have some more exciting news for all attendees! We have teamed up with Sample Magic – the world’s leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples to music producers across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to disco to chillout and […]

BeatCamp – now with Pro Mastering!

As a bonus for everyone attending BeatCamp we have teamed up with Apex Mastering to offer a special deal to make your finished tracks go BOOM ! Apex will provide a free 30-40s master of your finished track so you can hear exactly the difference that mastering can make to your music. If you like what you […]

BeatCamp is shaping up!

Thanks to our good friends at Dolby all producers at BeatCamp will have top-notch equipment so they can easily work in collaboration… These top of the line ART studio-grade headphone distributors will allow a team of producers to work off the same audio interface and set their own comfortable listening levels. If you haven’t got […]

No producer is an island

Last night I was watching Pixar’s animated masterpiece ‘Up’, a stunning production which is not only visually breathtaking and heart-warming but brings about tears of comedy and sadness. When the credits rolled I realised just how many people were in involved in making this piece of art. I started thinking about how we work as […]

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