What level of experience do I need ?

BeatCamp is open to producers at different levels of experience and we always look to match you together with someone suitable. We find that music makers who join us are highly driven and committed and are very comfortable using a sequencer as well as synths, musical instruments or their voice.

What should I bring ?

You will need to bring a good pair of headphones, a laptop and whatever else you need to make music.

Feel free to bring audio interfaces, midi keyboards, pad controllers, synths and anything else you can carry.

Every pair of producers will have desk space, use of a studio-grade headphone amp, wi-fi and a 4-way power adapter.

How can we work in an open space ?

All production work will be done on headphones and we will provide studio-grade distributors so pairs can listen to their work together.

At our new base at Tileyard studios we will have breakout studio space to quickly check your mix on monitors, however you may want to take your track away afterwards to refine the mix in a studio. The focus at BeatCamp is on creative spontaneity to get results you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Which sequencer should I use ?

This is entirely down to you. We will aim to pair up producers using the same sequencer, however this should definitely not discourage you. It can be liberating to have one producer driving the sequencer whilst the other provides creative direction or plays in parts.

Who will I be paired up with?

You will receive our short ‘beat-dating’ questionnaire which will help us to find you a buddy for the day. We will put each pair in contact with each other in advance so that you can start talking about ideas and how you might like to work.

What happens on the day?

We’re kicking off with an introductory briefing session to break the ice and set the scene before letting everyone loose making music.

Producers will have been paired up in advance and each will be given their own workspace to focus on writing a complete track by the end of the day. We will be standing by with suggested schedules, time checks, surprise pick-me-ups, motivational/creative support and hi-fives!

We’re finishing off with a group playback session and celebratory beers.

I have more questions!

Dont worry, be happy and drop us a note!


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