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Going pro: is your job getting in the way of your music career ? | Part 1

“I don’t have enough time”

“I’m tired and unmotivated after work”

“I only produce a handful of tracks a year”

“Other things always get in the way”

Does this sound like you ?

Running BeatCamp gives us a unique insight into the challenges that producers from all over the world face trying to make a full-time living from music.

The big one that almost every aspiring producer battles with is finding enough time to make music around their day job.

Don’t panic – you’re definitely not alone.

This is the first in a series of posts to take you from zero to international producer hero whether you spend your day writing code, managing projects or rescuing cats out of trees.

We’re going to kick off by giving you over 500 additional hours a year to spend on your music.

Sounds impossible?

The reality is that no matter how busy you are it’s always possible to find some time between the cracks in your life.

Let’s take a look at some cunning plans you can implement right away…

C’mon Get Up Everybody

Getting up earlier in the morning might not sound like the most appealing prospect in the world but stick with us.

Whilst most aspiring producers are tucked up in bed dreaming about gigging around the world and releasing on respected labels you should be getting busy actually achieving those goals.


It’s very simple yet completely killer…

Set your alarm clock one hour earlier (or even 30 minutes if you can’t face that right away). Get up, Get showered and Get cracking straight into your production.

Still not convinced ?

Reckon you’re just a ‘night person’ ?

Well try these extra benefits for size :

  • In the morning your head is completely clear of work and free for maximum creativity.
  • By the time you start your job, you’ve already made progress towards your music goals.
  • If you did this for a year, just on working days, you would have spent an extra 253 hours on your music.

Remember – you snooze, you loose!

These are the (Lunch) Breaks

If there’s no convincing you about getting up early, or you plain just need more time then lunch breaks are the key.

Whilst other producers are getting eats, you be making dem beats!


First remember to pack your laptop, tablet, or other portable item when you leave in the morning.

Next try one of these locations :

  • Find a free meeting room or quiet space
  • Eat lunch al desko and whip your laptop out
  • Locate a nearby hotel and perch in their lobby
  • Hit starbucks or your comfiest local cawfee outlet
  • Find a local library

Midnight Train to Georgia

Do you get the train, tube or bus to work ? This is perfect ‘dead time’ in which you can be cracking out your next banger.

You might not be able to get your 88-key fully weighted keyboard or modular rack on your lap but you can definitely use the laptop keyboard, whip out a tablet/phone or work on arrangement.


** Bonus Tip **

You can also make music on the platform whilst waiting for your train or bus.

We recommend devices with a quick startup time (or travelling on British transport) to get the most out of this.

Move any Mountain

So we’ve found you a helluva lot more time but how are you going to make the most of it ?

That’s what we’re going to tackle next in this series with our on-going mission to stick it to the man…


  1. These excellent tips are even more powerful if they become a habit. If the few first days of making music at a specific time/place may seem a bit strange, it is soon becoming second nature.
    To make it become a habit, it needs a trigger. It can be just after the morning shower, it can be setting the lunch break time on the phone’s alarm clock… the more regular it becomes, the more automatic.
    Then making more and more music becomes easier.

    • Marc

      January 7, 2015 at 9:30 pm

      That’s totally spot on, especially if you hate getting up early to begin with. After enough repetition it feels completely normal (thankfully!)

  2. This is very true guys. I’ve been doing the early morning shifts on Saturdays and Sunday’s for the past year and I find I’m finishing stuff a lot quicker as I’m focused and working away by 8am. By midday I’ve hit my goal for the day. Remember to take some breaks too, go for a walk take a drive or hit the xbox for n hour to reset your ears. Then back for an afternoon or night shift. Keep the advice coming guys much appreciated to share these points. Hope everyone is doing well, and Happy New Year to all.

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