In the first part of this series we found you over 500 hours of extra time for making music around your job, not to mention girlfriend(s) and family.

In this instalment we’re going to make sure that you don’t squander that time away, squeezing the last drop from every minute to achieve measurable progress towards your dream.

Sub Focus

When you sit down to produce it’s important to make this time sacred and turn off all other distractions. Multi-tasking is one of the biggest killers of productivity and focus.

By other distractions we mean email, the web and social media.

There are very good reasons for this :

  • Switching tasks takes you out of the zone and saps your concentration.
  • Most email and social content serves someone else’s benefit – not yours.
  • It only takes a few clicks to end up in a galaxy far far away from writing music.

Don’t drown your muse in a sea of spam. Pictures of cats and emails from your mum will still be there when you’re done making music.

Tools like Rescue Time  can help you analyse how much time you’re spending on different activities and block out all the crap.

And don’t think we don’t know what else you get up to. This habit which we picked up from Tim Ferris will make sure you’re always whacking the right bits of equipment 😉


Get Down On It

There’s no point sitting down to make music and just noodling around. It’s crucial to set yourself goals and deadlines to remain productive.

This is something you may have heard plenty of times already, but here’s an extra gem that you probably didn’t know: Parkinson’s Law.

This law states that:

“work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

If you break down your goals into small steps and set time limits for each, you will make progress far quicker.

This is something we use widely at BeatCamp where we give producers just one day to write a complete track. Most have never worked to this sort of deadline, but all leave having achieved it.

Having a deadline makes you focus on what you really need to get done. Like forgetting about that bass patch you would like to tweak all day and getting your track laid out and bounced down.

100 Percent

I’ll Be Watching You

Think back to your school days….

Would you have ever done any homework if you weren’t going to get a good clip round the ear for not turning it in?

It’s too easy to let deadlines slip or ignore them. This is where accountability comes into play.

At BeatCamp, we make all the producers play back their music to the group at the end of the day so there’s no hiding.

How can you dial some of this into your workflow?

Check out projects like WeeklyBeats and RPMChallenge. After doing these challenges you will have finished a lot more music.

Collaboration is another powerful catalyst. Working with someone else helps you overcome hurdles and ensures you get your shit done on time.


BeatCamp_084 copy

The Biggest Secret You Need to Know

Are you really still reading this? Remember what we said about distractions.

Shut down the browser now because we want to see your next track finished by the end of the day!

Next time we’re going to step inside your sequencer and show you smarter production techniques to help you rinse out tunes quicker and easier.