Music Stories are a new type of Facebook post that let you share 30-second previews of your music from Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Finally Facebook has started catering for artists in the news feed which is definitely a good thing.

What does this mean for you ?

  • You no longer have to publish your music on youtube for users to be able to play music in-feed without leaving Facebook.
  • Music Story embeds look visually appealing. The old spotify ones looked  terrible at best.
  • Users will be able to able to purchase or (more realistically) add tracks to their playlists with one click inside facebook.

Although clips are limited to 30s, these features will encourage more engagement with posts and longer  relationships with artists.

If fans add your tracks to their playlists then you stand to get get more plays and be more visible to them when they’re in their music apps. As a result there’s also a greater chance that you might appear in the discovery feed.

How does it work?

The functionality is only available in the iPhone app at the moment and it’s a bit fiddly as you need to copy links. At the time of writing this we couldn’t actually get the Spotify post type working but the following videos show you how it’s supposed to work 🙂

We’re hoping that this is Facebook’s minimum viable product and eventually we’ll see this functionality being rolled out on other platforms and  the integration becoming slicker.